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Sports Betting Regulations

All regulations, rules, and payouts are subject to change by Regal Sports Group without prior written notice to Regal members.
Regal Sports Group reserves the right to reject or limit any bet and to restrict betting on any event at any time without advance notice (including any prop, future, or exotic wager without exceptions).
Upon placing bets, promptly review your pending wagers to ensure accuracy. Any discrepancies must be reported immediately. Wagers are deemed valid upon acceptance by Regal Sports Group’s transaction server, even without a ticket number. It is your responsibility to digitally or physically print your “bet slip” using the “print your slip” feature on the wager confirmation page for record-keeping and to promptly report any discrepancies with your wagers to Regal customer service. If uncertain about the validity of your wager, immediately contact our customer service for review.
Any telephone wager must be placed in the following sequence:
Provide account and password and request lines.
Clerk reads lines and prices.
Player quotes line, price, and wager amount.
Clerk reads back wager details.
If correct, member repeats account number and password to confirm.
Clerk issues a ticket number.
Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their wagers. Once accepted and confirmed, wagers may not be canceled or modified by the customer. If a mistake is made by the telephone clerk and confirmed by the client, the wager is final. After providing a dollar amount, all plays will be entered. In the event of a phone disconnection or bad connection, it is the client’s responsibility to call back before post time to confirm correctness; otherwise, the play stands as entered originally.
Wager claims must be submitted within two weeks of wager acceptance. To expedite the claim process, keep printed copies of all wagers.
All wagers must be supported by funds in the member’s account. Regal Sports Group does not offer credit wagering under any circumstances. Wagers made without proof of payment or without sufficient funds in the account balance will not be accepted.
Each wagering slip is accepted under the assumption that it belongs to one customer only.
Any attempts to defraud Regal Sports Group through wagers will result in voided wagers upon discovery.
All wagers placed by bookmakers, gambling syndicates, or similar entities as Regal Sports Group will be voided, and related account balances will be refunded to Regal Sports Group.
If funds are mistakenly credited to a customer’s account, the customer must promptly notify Regal Sports Group of the error. For accounts with negative balances, Regal Sports Group reserves the right to cancel pending plays, regardless of whether they were funded by the error.
Members must be 18 years of age or older to place wagers and/or collect winnings.
Each player is permitted only one sportsbook account. Players found with multiple accounts will have their accounts suspended or terminated. Only one account per household or IP address is allowed. Regal reserves the right to consider multiple accounts as a single joint account.
All transactions with Regal Sports Group are legally processed and accepted under the approval of the Government of Costa Rica. Transactions are subject to the laws of Costa Rica.
Regal Sports Group does not report winnings, losses, or account activity to any government agencies. Therefore, members are responsible for reporting any winnings for tax purposes, if applicable.
Once a wager is placed and accepted by Regal Sports Group, it cannot be changed, canceled, or modified by the member.
Wagers are accepted until the start of an event unless Live betting is offered for the event. Events with Live Betting will be clearly marked on BetUS.com.pa.
Dates, kick-off times, and event details displayed on our site are for guidance purposes only.
A wager will be deemed invalid if:
It is submitted after the start of an event or after the event outcome is public knowledge and is not covered by our Live Betting Service. If discovered in time, Regal Sports Group will attempt to contact the customer to allow placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap.
It is placed on an obvious pricing error or incorrect maximum limit according to sportsbook limits. All odds, lines, and handicaps are subject to change and become fixed only upon wager acceptance. Errors or system failures resulting in incorrect prices, lines, or limits taken in a wager will void the wager. If discovered in time, Regal Sports Group will attempt to contact the customer to allow placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap. If a customer wagers on both sides of the line (Moneyline), only the wager with the error will be voided, and the rest will remain active.
Correlation Rule: Same-game Football Parlays and Teasers will not be accepted if the spread is 1/3 or more of the total. Multiple wagers/parlays/if bets are not accepted if one part of the wager contributes to the outcome of another. If taken in error, the wager will be canceled. If discovered in time, Regal Sports Group will attempt to contact the customer to allow placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap.
The wager is not accepted by Regal Sports Group’s transaction server for any reason.
If a parlay/teaser/if bet includes a selection that is canceled, the wager will be adjusted accordingly. For example, a three-team parlay will become a two-team parlay.
Misspellings in player or team names will not affect wager validity if it’s clear which game or match the wagers are placed on.
Regal Sports Group reserves the right to limit the maximum stake before accepting any wager.
Regal Sports Group monitors all bets to assist in resolving disputes. Transaction records serve as the final authority in dispute resolution. All claims must be submitted within 14 days of the event’s conclusion.
No compensation will be offered for any wagers not accepted by Regal Sports Group.
You are responsible for any unauthorized use of your account number and password. Keep this information private, and if compromised, contact Regal Sports Group’s customer service to change them immediately.
Displayed start times/dates, lines, and odds are for informational purposes and are subject to change. However, the odds accepted at the time of placement determine winning, losing, and push wagers.
All games must begin as scheduled for bets to be valid, unless otherwise stated in the specific sports rules or if a game has been postponed or canceled.
The winner of a game or event will be determined by the official results at the end of the game or event, as recognized by Regal Sports Group. Post-game disputes, protests, or overturns are not recognized for wagering purposes.
Regal Sports Group will void all single wagers and adjust multi-selection wagers if an obvious line error is made.
If Regal Sports Group incorrectly credits your account balance, promptly notify Regal Sports Group of the error. Any winnings related to the error before notification will be void.
In events where draw odds are offered, in the case of a draw outcome, all other wagers will be graded as losses.
Play in the Regal Casino is subject to its terms and conditions. Refer to relevant pages for complete information.
Casino winnings may be reviewed by casino management before payout approval.
Access to Regal casino tournaments is restricted to recreational players who demonstrate real money action in the casino and/or sportsbook. Player eligibility for tournaments may be restricted at management’s discretion.
Customers found sharing an IP address linked to fraud will undergo account review, potentially resulting in account suspension or termination.
Players using the same financial accounts may undergo account review, potentially resulting in account suspension or termination.
Regal reserves the right to nullify winnings from any account sharing addresses related to fraud.
Live Betting General Regulations
Regal reserves the right to close a Live market at any time. (Live Betting Parlays are subject to Manager’s discretion)
If Regal suspects that a bet is placed after the event outcome is known, it reserves the right to cancel the bet.
In case of a blatant error in handicap setup (i.e., Moneyline or spread reads as negative instead of positive and vice versa) on any event on which LiveBetting is offered, Regal reserves the right to cancel such wagers.
While scores are displayed during a game, efforts are made to ensure accuracy, but no liability is accepted for incorrect information displayed.
Live Betting in Soccer ceases at the 40th minute, regardless of the score (Both Halves). Regular Live Betting Game Line settles after regulation time (Extra Time excluded from the line – Draw option offered). If Extra Time is offered, only goals scored during this extra time count toward the wager.
Soccer: Game and 1st Half live betting are offered simultaneously for major leagues. (Notes included under each line offered).