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Clarification of Rules and Payout Procedures at Regal Casino & Sportsbook

At Regal Casino & Sportsbook, we prioritize transparency, fairness, and excellence in our operations. Please review the following rules and conditions regarding your use of our platform:

Rule Updates: All rules, regulations, and payoffs are subject to changes and revisions by Regal Casino & Sportsbook without prior written notice.

Official Rulings: Any sports or horse rulings not explicitly stated in the specific rules will be determined by the official Las Vegas rules.

Disclaimer of Damages: Regal Casino & Sportsbook shall not be liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use or misuse of our website, including delays, communication failures, or errors in content.

Age Requirement: All clients must be of legal drinking age in their respective country, state, or jurisdiction.

Constant Updates: Rules, regulations, and wagering odds will be continuously updated on our website. Please double-check any discrepancies before contacting customer service.

Wager Limitations: Regal Casino & Sportsbook reserves the right to limit or refuse wagers and may refuse wagers from jurisdictions where online wagering is illegal.

Wager Honoring: All accepted wagers will be honored unless evidence of cheating, hacking, or deceit is discovered.

Wager Amounts: Minimum and maximum wager amounts are determined by Regal Casino & Sportsbook and are subject to change without notice.

Account Security: Clients are responsible for maintaining the security of their betting accounts and should prevent unauthorized use.

Account Confidentiality: All accounts and transactions are kept private and confidential. Telephone calls are recorded for dispute resolution purposes.

Transaction Responsibility: Clients are responsible for reviewing their wagers for accuracy before submission. Regal Casino & Sportsbook does not take responsibility for missing or duplicate wagers.

Wager Changes: Clients may change or cancel wagers under specific conditions, including matching odds and game status.

Telephone Wager Verification: Clients must confirm their wagers by providing their account number and password. Once confirmed, wagers are final.

Resolution of Phone Issues: Clients experiencing phone problems must verify pending wagers promptly to ensure accuracy.

Wager Grading: Wagers are graded only after the conclusion of the event.

Game Cancellations: Events must be played on the specified date. Canceled or postponed games will result in a “no action” outcome.

Game Suspensions: Regal Casino & Sportsbook follows Las Vegas gaming rules for suspended games and overturned decisions.

Future Wagering: Future wagers will be settled based on the determination of the League Commissioner or specified event outcome.

Horse Racing Post Times: Post times provided by the clerk must match those posted on the grading website.

Account Establishment: Payouts will only be made to the account holder’s name. Third-party payouts are not permitted.

Error Notification: Customers must promptly notify Regal Casino & Sportsbook of any credited funds errors. Unless notified otherwise, erroneous transactions will be void.

Balance Verification: Clients are responsible for verifying their account balance with each login or phone interaction.

Payout Requests: Payout requests are processed Monday through Friday before 11am ET. Customers are responsible for all outgoing fees.

Bonus Rollover: Bonuses come with rollover requirements that must be completed upon receipt.

Exclusion of Action: Casino, future wagers, and horse bets do not contribute to sportsbook bonus rollover.

Parlay Maximum Payout: The maximum payout for any parlay is 500/1.

Deposit Playthrough: Deposit amounts must be wagered at least once before payouts.

Free Play Winnings: Free play winnings from contests have a maximum payout of $100.

Bonus Rollover Variations: Bonus rollover requirements may vary based on location at the discretion of management.

Third-Party Product Rules: Third-party products may have different rules from Regal Casino & Sportsbook. Clients should familiarize themselves with each product’s rules.

Early Payout Rules (Cash Out)

For clients with early payout options for parlay wagers, the following rules apply:

Early payout options are available only when there are no pending games.
Cash-out decisions are irreversible and final.
Management may limit access to the feature and create exemptions for specific games.
Pushes or cancellations will disable the early payout option, which is only available for winning picks.
At Regal Casino & Sportsbook, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and service to ensure a superior betting experience for our valued clients.